Recently we've had the opportunity to work on a range of exciting projects.

Check out some case studies of projects we have been busy working on.

WEC Benchmarking Study


Cruz Atcheson was commissioned to conduct a benchmarking study for Carnegie Wave Energy Ltd. The study investigated a range of performance and load metrics suitable for benchmarking with alternative wave energy converter (WEC) types.

Keywords: Wave energy, Concept design, Numerical modelling, Design load cases (DLCs). Extreme and fatigue loads

Independent Technology Development Programme Review


Aqua Power Technologies Ltd. (APT) is developing an innovative wave energy converter. APT contracted Cruz Atcheson to independently review its WEC technology development programme and to provide detailed support to the modelling and testing of the APT WEC.

Keywords: Wave energy, Technology roadmap, Concept design, Numerical modelling, Due diligence

Structural Forces and Stresses for WECs

Wave Energy Scotland Landscaping Study


Cruz Atcheson worked alongside Arup to deliver this landscaping study on behalf of Wave Energy Scotland.

Keywords: Wave energy, Design basis, Design load cases (DLCs), Load assessment, Numerical modelling

Technical Due Diligence / Second-Party Review


Cruz Atcheson have supported AW-Energy in a wide range of activities, including technical due diligence exercises and second-party support in a range of engineering disciplines.

Keywords: Wave energy, Due diligence, Second-party review

Tidal Technology Roadmap


Cruz Atcheson was contracted by MAKO Tidal Turbines Pty Ltd (MTT) to conduct a technology readiness assessment of MAKO’s tidal energy converter (TEC).

Keywords: Tidal energy, Technology roadmap, Second-party review, Strategic support

Floating Offshore Wind Energy - Book Editors

Cruz Atcheson team members had the privilege of coordinating contributions from key academic researchers and industry experts, and we are thrilled with the outcome.

Keywords: Offshore wind energy, Floating offshore wind turbines, R&D

Open-Ocean Testing Specifications


We have provided technical specifications for measurement and evaluation items related to ocean trials of wave and tidal energy converters in multiple sites across different countries. Such specifications have included details on what variables should be measured and what post-processing methodologies must be applied to derive key outputs. Our work can be used to accelerate the development of open-ocean testing campaigns and / or facilities. A summary of a recent study conducted in Japan is presented in Laporte Weywada et al. (2014).

Keywords: Wave energy, Tidal energy, Test protocols, Site development

Metocean Data Analysis 


Our core team has dedicated field experience in metocean data analysis, both at the planning phases and in live projects. Examples of such experience for wave and tidal applications presented in Cruz and Sarmento (2007). We have detailed experience in specifying instrumentation and processing resource data, both at a macro and site specific level. In a number of projects we have also combined such data with other attributes (e.g. bathymetric contours) to create a database of metocean attributes that is key to the project delivery and management, including site activities such as O&M. 

Keywords: Data analysis, Instrument specification, Experiment design, Metocean database

Market Entrance Studies 

Over the years we have been involved in a range of market entrance studies in the wave, tidal and floating offshore wind sector. These have covered a wide range of topics and have been conducted on behalf of technology developers, OEMs, governmental agencies and national test centre operators, providing us with in-depth knowledge and data relative to the most active countries in the sector.


High-level studies have provided traffic-light systems for decision aid when considering market entrance, while detailed studies have reviewed e.g. market incentives in key locations. This experience can also be used to match your current and future requirements through the profiling of the sector, conducting stakeholder consultations and performing gap analyses to provide key recommendations going forward. For more information, please contact us.

Keywords: Market review, gap analysis, stakeholder consultations

GIS Data Sourcing / Regional and Site Specific Data Atlases


We have been involved in a number of flagship projects that have led to the creation of GIS compatible atlases, covering regional, country and site-specific exercises. A number of layer types were generated, focusing on core attributes, key constraints and other relevant information. Decisive criteria could then defined and weighted in consultation with the client needs, resulting in classification maps. One example examined the wave and the tidal resources in Chile, coupled with the remaining layers to produce a country wide atlas that identified priority areas for development. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

Keywords: GIS, Constraints analysis, Data atlases

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