We are the next generation of independent engineering consultancies –  experienced professionals that can create a team to match your needs, with all the skills and experience but without the corporate overhead.

Our core team has over 40 person-years of hands-on experience, having worked for large engineering consultancies, technology developers and investment firms.  

Joao Cruz 


Joao has been involved in offshore renewable energy for the last 14 years and for the majority of that time has had a direct role in pioneer projects in wave energy. Throughout his career, Joao has gathered unique numerical and experimental modelling skills, coupled with a broad range of field experience – including direct participation in the commissioning of full-scale, grid connected wave energy converters.


  • Acted in the role of an independent assessor for a wide variety of projects in the ocean energy sector, including the review of technology development roadmaps and design basis documentation.

  • Started and led the wave energy consultancy business at Garrad Hassan and Partners Ltd. (now DNV GL) where he was involved with and managing over 200 technical and strategic projects. 

  • Instrumental in the development of specialised software for the wave energy industry via the PerAWaT project sponsored by the Energy Technologies Institute. 

  • Completed an Executive MBA at the University of Bath, with a thesis focusing on bridging the ‘valley of death’ in early-stage investments in renewable energy conversion technologies.

Mairead Atcheson


With over 9 years’ experience in the offshore renewable energy sector, Mairéad has a broad range of expertise with hands-on knowledge of both tidal and wave energy applications. Prior to specialising in marine renewable energies, Mairéad worked in the environment sector in Arup Consulting Engineers, participating in environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies.


  • Participated in a series of numerical modelling exercises related to ocean energy technologies.

  • Led and managed multi-million euro EU funded projects. 

  • Undertook field testing of large scale tidal turbines, which included the design of an innovative new experimental procedure to map the wake of a tidal turbine. The experimental campaigns were the first of their kind within the research group and she oversaw the design, construction and commissioning of the test facility prior to undertaking the experiments.

  • First-hand experience in deploying multiple metocean related instrumentation such as Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) and multiple large scale tidal energy models, to assess tidal array effects on array performance. 


Tiago Martins


Tiago is a mechanical engineer with nearly 11 years of experience in the offshore renewable energy sector. Prior to joining Cruz Atcheson, Tiago was a Senior Engineer at Pelamis Wave Power Ltd. (PWP), where he excelled in two areas: software development and field testing of full-scale machines.

  • Involved in the programming of a range of software tools related to full-scale ocean energy technology deployments, namely the estimation of the site specific directional spectra and data mining (WEC telemetry).

  • WEC operator stationed at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC, Orkney), constantly monitoring live WEC machines and actively involved in diagnosing and repairing the electromechanical and hydraulic systems.

  • Instrumental in the commissioning and repair of the P1A wave farm deployed in Portugal in 2007.

Joshua Scriven


Josh is a mechanical engineer with 3 years of experience in the renewable energy sector. Prior to joining Cruz Atcheson, Josh was an engineer at Frazer-Nash Consultancy, where he was part of the structural analysis team working on a range of projects across the renewable energy, power generation and aerospace sectors. 

  • ​Provided structural analysis and design support for the detailed design phase of a new tidal turbine. Work included development of fatigue assessment methods, re-design of critical components to increase fatigue life, ULS structural assessments to DNV standards and planning structural testing. 

  • Structural analysis of a variety of components across the renewable energy, power generation and aerospace sectors. Work included static, elastic-plastic, fatigue and creep analysis using both code-based assessments and in-house methods.

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