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Over the years we have worked with a range of investors, both from a buyer’s and a seller’s perspective. These include independent investors, large utilities and OEMs, in exercises that have varied in length and depth. We have also worked directly with technology developers that wish to assess and / or enter specific markets, which require second and / or third-party independent assessments in preparation for investment rounds, or with a range of clients in specialist support during detailed due diligence processes. This direct experience provides us with the technical ability, coupled with unique insights into the due diligence process, to take your project to the next level. It also allows us to conduct a series of related analyses, such as bespoke industry specific cost of energy (CoE) models.


Please find below a more detailed description of our services, and do not hesitate to contact us to find out more - we look forward to working with you.

Having worked across the globe during the last decade, we have been privileged to be involved in flagship projects that provide us with detailed knowledge regarding the market conditions in key countries worldwide, including local incentives, key constraints, main players and policies. This experience places us in a unique position to provide with you with critical insights when considering entering a new market. Please see our work for some practical examples.    


We have acted as technical advisor from both a buyer’s and a seller’s perspective in a large number of projects in the wave, tidal and floating offshore wind sectors. We have also acted as advisor in third-party reviews, both internally and externally, in preparation for due diligence exercises – this has involved the creation of investor ready deliverables that may be used in investment / acquisition talks. We can employ this experience to support our clients through a variety of related process, including due diligence, third-party reviews or strategic support when seeking investment.  


In preparation for (or during) due diligence processes, accurate cost of energy (CoE) estimates tend to take a central role. More than model functionality, the accuracy of such estimates will be heavily dependent on the quality of the inputs and key model assumptions. Our combined team experience and the multiple databases we have created and maintained over the years will help us deliver a bespoke, unique solution to match your technology and project needs.  



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