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Case Study - Independent Technology Development Programme Review

Aqua Power Technologies Ltd. (APT) is developing an innovative wave energy converter. APT contracted Cruz Atcheson to independently review its WEC technology development programme and to provide detailed support to the modelling and testing of the APT WEC. We completed an external review of APT’s innovative technology and produced documentation which informs investors, sponsors and external partners about the current state of the technology.


Due diligence work completed by Cruz Atcheson for APT provided an overview of the status of individual workloads and highlighted areas for advancement, providing a framework for a development pathway.

// Cruz Atcheson possesses a dynamism, pace and in-depth capability which is simply not available anywhere else in the wave and tidal market. Their wealth of experience and knowledge within the sector combined with our expertise in industrial design and manufacturing has provided the best platform to enable Aqua Power Technologies to develop a manufacture and deploy a truly novel wave energy technology. The level and work that Cruz Atcheson operates at and produces is impressive, professional and insightful. //


Samuel Etherington, APT Managing Director